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Ohio Clinic
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It’s all about you! Your well-being is our top priority, and that is why we employ only the finest, well-oriented staff, utilize latest pain-free techniques and top quality equipment.

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Bariatric Surgery

Obesity Managment

We offer surgical and non-surgical solutions. Schedule a consultation so we can discuss what’s the best option tailored to your medical and physical condition.




If you want to feel better about yourself, prevent aging, rejuvenate your skin, utilize our pain free advanced laser treatments for hair removal, slimming and cellulite treatments with the immediately visible results.


General Surgery

General Surgery

Our expert team of surgeons can help you alleviate problems with anorectal disorders i. e. hemorrhoids anal fissures, abdominal emergencies (gallbladder stones, appendix etc), hernia, breast lumps, thyroid issues, and in-grown nails.




Our Ohio Clinic embraces each client and aims to provide the most comfortable, enjoyable spa-like experience possible. The atmosphere and decor of our office creates a modern yet warm and soothing ambiance.


Meet our

Medical Specialists

Our team of medical experts is comprised with only the best of the best, ensuring the most skillful treatment possible, and the procedures that are carried out flawlessly.

Dr. Ali Kabbani

Dr. Ali Kabbani is a Syrian certified cosmetic Dentist with an extensive experience in general dentistry gained from his training and courses from different countries.

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Dr. Fayez Al-Basha

Dr. Fayez Al-Basha is a general surgeon with extensive training and long term hands on expertise in laparoscopic surgery from Dublin, Ireland.

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What patients say About Ohio Clinic

You can trust us, but don’t take just our word for it – listen to what others say about their experience at Ohio Clinic.

  • On and off, I had a great deal ofhemorrhoid pain but the fear of doctors and surgeries was more frightening. I am so thankful I found Ohio Clinic. I had a pain-free, bleeding-free procedure and got rid of the pain forever in less than 24 hours.

  • Undergoing any cosmetic procedure was always a problem for me due to my discomfort with doctors. However, at Ohio Clinic this was never an issue. I recommend Ohio Clinic to anyone in need.

  • I am glad that I discovered Ohio Clinic. I have been battling with weight gain for long, but now for the first time I actually enjoy life. I lost more than 20 kilos and resumed all my missing activities.The care before and after was excellent and instructionswere great for motivations.

  • The staff at the clinic are very hospitable and kind. The doctors were very helpful and explained everything thoroughly, for which I am grateful. Nothing can bring you peace of mind like reassuring professionals.

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